Terms and Conditions

  1. Returns are subject to Sydney Timber Door’s Terms and Conditions. To organise a return, please notify and initiate a return with Sydney Timber Doors within 7 calendar days of receipt of goods.

  2. Check to ensure door is suitable for installation within 7 days of taking delivery of your order to ensure you can secure an exchange or refund if an installation issue arises.

  3. Sydney Timber Doors provides a 5 year guarantee of all Doors.

  4. Installing external/entrance doors in weather protected openings is strongly recommended.

  5. Check with Sydney Timber Doors for trimming allowance and position of lock block if in doubt.

  6. Door must be stored flat in a dry area if installation is not immediate.

  7. 3 x 100mm hinges must be used to install solid construction doors.

  8. Prior to installation of doors, 2 coats of paint, sealer or varnish must be used to seal the entire door including the top and bottom edges. This is critical in preventing excessive moisture absorption or loss in the timber.

  9. Exterior finishes must be used on exterior doors or doors exposed to direct sunlight.

  10. External doors or doors exposed directly to sunlight must be finished in light or reflective colours. Failure to do so may invalidate your warranty.

  11. Customers are responsible for inspecting and maintaining door finishes on a regular basis.

  12. Sydney Timber Doors will not be held responsible for charges of hanging or finishing arising out of replaced doors.